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    JamMar Moguls is pleased to present Aaron Peil as one of our Rising Star Producer on the JamMar Moguls team. Aaron’s passion for music and creating, his drive and determination to hon and perfect his craft, and his ability to listen, grow, and evolve, has really impressed the executive team at JamMar Moguls. Aaron is open to new sounds and new ideas and can translate that into great music.
    Aaron grew up in Portland, Oregon listening to west coast music, where his sense of music styles was influenced by Mac, Dre, Tupac, Brotha Lynch, E-40, and many others. When an auto accident and DUI, almost cost him his life, Aaron started a journey of self-reflection and decided to move forward with his passion for music and his work as a music producer. When asked what he would be doing if he wasn’t a producer? Aaron’s reply was, “Probably going crazy, music is more than just music, it’s therapy to me. I can release all my emotions through the keys.” His dream is to produce Grammy hits and his motto is “never stop learning and never stop grinding.”

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